Darkness Everlasting by Alexandra Ivy (‘Guardians of Eternity’ series Book #3)

 Darkness Everlasting by Alexandra Ivy

‘Guardians of Eternity’ series Book #3

Paperback: 416 pages – Publisher: Zebra (May 1, 2008 ) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 0821779397 – ISBN-13: 978-0821779392

Back of the Book reads:


Darcy Smith always sensed she was different from everyone else – if only she knew how different. Possessing a secret strong enough to end an entire race of demons, Darcy unwittingly becomes a pawn in an epic battle between the vampires and the weres as she discovers a new world filled with ecstacy – and dark passions…


Consumed with lust for Darcy, Styx – the Anasso of vampires – will do everything in his power to keep her out of the lair of Salvatore Giuliani, the deadly leader of the weres. But protecting the woman he loves could cost Styx the ultimate price…


Salvatore Giuliani knows time is running out for the weres. Pushed to the brink of extinction, he will stop at nothing to make Darcy his ultimate conquest and queen – for she alone holds the key to his survival. But which of these men can Darcy truly trust? For all it takes is one bite to plunger her into a lifetime of servitude – or a lifetime of pleasure…

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13-Sep-08 to 14-Sep-08

Review: Can’t ask for better!

Darcy Smith is a bartender among several other jobs. She does these just to stay afloat; having not finished high school, good jobs are hard to come by. She does what she needs to, to survive. Having been in foster care since a baby, she’d been moved less than every two years, coming to believe herself a freak. finally running away as an early teen. She isn’t like normal people. When she gets hurt, she heals two quickly to be human. She’s stronger and faster than a normal human. At age eighteen, she stopped aging. She believes she’s a freak. And for that reason, doesn’t let anyone close to her – no meaningful friendships, no meaningful relationships. She’s alone – and until she can figure out why she is the way she is, prefers it that way.

Styx has a problem. Seems the prince of weres is in Chicago, where he isn’t supposed to be. He’s outside his hunting territory, and Styx wants to know why. News travels, and Styx finds out he’s after a girl – Darcy Smith. He plans to get to her first and use her as a hostage, and as a bargaining chip with Salvatore. What he didn’t plan on was wanting Darcy for himself. And just when Salvatore almost has his hands on her, Styx beats him to it.

Salvatore Guiliani is desparate. Turns out, Darcy is one of four missing sisters, all who had gone missing shortly after birth and believed to have been sold on the black market. Their DNA had been ‘toyed’ with, which surpresses the wanting/needing to shift. The weres need Darcy and her sisters because of it. Having been forced by the vampires to boundaries is slowly killing their race. Purebloods are almost non-existint, as are curs, and if they have Darcy and her sisters, who’s shifting has been surpressed, they’d be able to carry children full term, replenishing their race.

Styx treats her wonderfully, never making her feel like a hostage or a bargaining chip. He cares for her a great deal – Darcy feels a kinship with him, can feel his loneliness. When Darcy finds out that Salvatore wants nothing more than a breeder, the thought sickens her stomach. And she won’t be pushed, for she’s fallen in love with Styx, and no one, not even the mother she never knew she had, can change her mind or heart, regardless if she is a were…

Oh, did I like this one. I adore the series and can’t wait to get my hands on the next novel. While is seems that most men have that caveman attitude, Styx learns quickly that Darcy will not be pushed around. She isn’t one to be told what to do. Believing she is human, he thinks her fragile and vulnerable, until Darcy shows him otherwise.

She doesn’t back down from an argument, and gives as good as she gets. Styx isn’t used to that. He’d lived the life of a monk for so long, celibacy and all, and is finding the stirrings of desire in him fresh and new. Darcy surprises him more and more, and what surprise could be the biggest … when they end up mated.

I loved watching Darcy and Styx fall for each other. It was the sweetest thing. Action scenes where well written and spaced, love scenes erotic enough to make any reader hot under the collar and breathless. The author has a way with her descriptions of sucking (no pun intended) you into the story and you’ll have a hard time letting go. I think the best part was when Darcy managed to convince both Styx and Salvatore that everything can work out if they compromised, teaching them both a lesson. This novel sets up the next few novels in the story really well. Truly a series in the paranormal romance genre you don’t want to miss.



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