Embrace the Darkness by Alexandra Ivy ‘Guardians of Eternity’ series Book #2

 Embrace the Darkness by Alexandra Ivy

‘Guardians of Eternity’ series Book #2

Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages – Publisher: Zebra (November 1, 2007) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 0821779370 – ISBN-13: 978-0821779378

Back of the Book reads:

Surrender to forbidden desire…


Lady Shay is the last of her kind. Half human, half Shalott, her blood is a precious aphrodisiac to vampires, who consider it more precious than gold. Though Shalotts are renowned assassins, a curse held over Shay lands her on the slave auction block, where her fate is uncertain…


Viper, the beguiling chief of a deadly vampire clan, can’t explain his longing to possess the beautiful Shalott who once saved his life, but now he is free to do anything he wants with her. Strangely, while he desires both Shay’s blood and body, he wants her to surrender willingly.


A hidden evil has been stalking Shay since she left the slave market with Viper. It is an evil that endangers the very existence of Viper’s kind, and there’s no reason he should court such danger just to protect a Shalott. But the love he feels for Shay is enough to make him willing to go to hell and back if it means spending an eternity with her in his arms…

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10-Sep-08 to 11-Sep-08

Review: Lots of tension, suspense, this novel was witty and fun!

Continuing from When Darkness Comes, Shay is returned to Evor, her troll ‘owner’, once the witches are dead. It is a curse that has attached her to Evor ~ should one perish, so will the other. On the auction block, feeling degraded and used, one voice calls out a large sum, ‘buying’ her on the spot. Viper.

It has been months since they’ve seen each other, but Viper was never able to get Shay out of his mind. He wants more than ‘ownership’ of her. He wants it all. The problem is convincing her that he isn’t as terrible a vampire than she seems to believe he is, for it was vampires that had long ago murdered her father.

Shay has had to grow up hiding her true self, constantly moving from place to place. She’s seen the hardships her mother had gone through and wants none of it. She never had any friends, never anyone close to her that could later backstab her if given the opportunity.

As the last of the Shalotts, she knows why vampires want her blood, and she refuses to give it. She doesn’t understand why Viper ‘bought’ her from Evor. What could he possibly want with her? Someone to do his every bidding? He can find any number of women who would do so willingly. Why her?

Viper is determined to show her that he wants her with him willingly ~ and not as a slave.

After winning Shay, a fight rings out with a wizard, one determined to bring the Shalott to his master, the feel of evil in the room. While leaving the auction house, that same feeling is following them, ever determined to get its hands on Shay. But Viper is determined as well – he won’t let her go without a fight.

While at his private retreat, they are attacked by a Lu. Escaping to Dante and Abby’s, they hide. And while hiding, Viper brings in a witch, wanting the curse that binds Shay and Evor together broken. Feeling an attack coming, they escape only to become surrounded by Styx and his Ravens, vampires; an old/ex friend of Viper’s. Shay escapes but Viper is captured. Tortured, he is told to use the amulet that would bring Shay to his side. He refuses, stating that he will do anything and everything to keep his future mate safe.

But Shay is a warrior and won’t just sit idly while Viper’s life hangs in the balance. With the help of Levet, her small gargoyle friend, she finds where Viper is being held and rescues him, holding up to her end of the bargain and offering her blood to save him.

Knowing the danger they face will never end, Viper defeats the evil plaguing Shay, making for a perfect beginning of the end of the novel.

This reader is sooooo enjoying this series, and I pray it’ll be around for a long time. The author has a way of making the world of vampires feel well and truly normal, like everyday life. Her style of writing sucks the reader right into the story, painting every scene as clearly as if the reader is right along with the characters. There is a constant flow, and that constant flow had me still thinking of what’s going on in the story well after I put the book down for the night.

Right from the beginning, I felt that Shay and Viper were perfect for each other; the banter between the two, how they frustrate each other, how they can get under each other’s skin. It was perfect ~ funny/witty parts, sad parts, explanations that have you understanding the characters and why they are the way they are.

Actions scenes well battled, scenes of thoughts, feelings and planning well spaced and acted out beautifully, love scenes that make you hot under the collar, a perfect ending all blended with characters you love to love and characters you love to hate make this one hell of a good book! I can’t wait to get my hands on Darkness Everlasting!



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