No One Lives Forever by Jordan Dane

 No One Lives Forever by Jordan Dane

Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages – Publisher: Avon (May 27, 2008 ) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 0061253766 – ISBN-13: 978-0061253768

Back of the Book reads:

Nothing Is What It Seems

Born to a childhood pitted by violence, Christian Delacorte is desperate for peace when he embarks on a new life with the woman he loves, Detective Raven Mackenzie. But soon his old life comes calling – in the tempting form of a mysterious woman assassin.

When a Deadly Seductress Comes Calling

Jasmine Lee is determined to collect an old marker from Christian. He owed her – big time – and she needs his help freeing her kidnapped lover, Nicholas Charboneau – a powerful mogul linked to Chicago’s underworld. Christian doesn’t trust her, but Jasmine entices him to leave Raven behind when she reveals his shocking connection to Charboneau.

And a Lethal Race Against Time Begins

Christian has seven days to attempt an impossible rescue of the father he never knew. And when a woman assassin with ulterior motives makes a lousy ally, Christian is alone to face the stark reality that no one lives forever … and he might be the next to die.

No One Lives Forever at

No One Lives Forever at

No One Lives Forever at

5-Sep-08 to 8-Sep-08

Review: Dealing with the past, praying for the future.

While in Cuiaba, Brazil, Nicholas Charboneau (first met him in No One Left To Tell), is kidnapped from his hotel room. His bodyguard, Jasmine Lee knocked unconscious. A note is left behind – deposit 1 Million in an account by a certain date, or else.

With no one else to turn to, nowhere else to go, her search exhausted and brought to a halt, Jasmine flies back to the U.S., determined to call on Christian Delacorte, who owes her a favor (she had helped Delacorte get Raven back in No One Left To Tell). Raven is not thrilled and Christian has no choice. The shocker – Charboneau is Christian’s biological father, the father Fiona wouldn’t admit to, believing that it was for his own good. Regardless about how he or Raven feels, he does owe Jasmine, and flies back to Brazil with her, leaving Raven behind.

Things escalate; first, Christian is indirectly threatened by police Captain Luis Duarte, an attempted hit-and-run misses him by a hair, a Macumba ritual is left on their hotel suite’s balcony along with a deadly snake. A meeting with the Military police Chief Ricardo Zharan, doesn’t seem to help ease the worry and tension for Christian or Jasmine. A meeting at Genotech Labs on raises their suspisions and Christian wonders even more if his father is involved in the despicable goings on. And just when things get worse, Raven appears at the hotel room door, unable to stay home and wait for Christian. And while together alone, Jasmine is kidnapped herself.

According to Zharan, Captain Duarte is now a wanted man, Jasmine still hasn’t been found, but they believe Nicholas has been located. Desperate, Christian convinces Zharan to let Raven and himself accompany Zharan and his men in the rescue.

Then things turn ugly. Between accusations and firefightes, Jasmine arrives to save Nicholas. But can anyone save her?

Originally, I thought there would be more to this, but I didn’t find that much to the mystery at all. I actually found it uninspired. I think there should have been more suspense, more action during their search for Nicholas. The characters come across as worried about the same things over an over again, the same thoughts over and over again, and it was getting to be a little too much – almost two-dimensional. The sexual innuendoes also should have stopped near the beginning – for someone in love with Nicholas, why would she antagonize Christian like that is beyond me. His son, for crying out loud? Once Nicholas is found, what happens after I thought very predictable. Almost too predictable. I’d have loved to see something else – maybe before they were handcuffed! Maybe a diversion and an escape into the forest…

I thought Raven showing up predictable, the villan almost predictable, the whole Genotech Labs and testing was predictable. I found that there wasn’t enough in the explanation from Dr. Tyson Phillips to satisfy a reader who really likes the forensics side of a mystery of any kind, and the whole ‘threatened to hurt my family if I didn’t cooperate’ from Phillips was, again, predictable.

And while the predictability is plain to see, the action scenes are good, love scenes could have used a little more intensity, the characters could have used a little more work. And while there are descriptions of the characters’ surroundings, they are all basic – they seem to just be thrown in for the reader’s sake. They give you this detached feeling. I’m not one to like that at all, but I think the descriptions might play off of Christian well, if you think of it as him giving you the descriptions – they would go well with his attitude of not wanting to be in Brazil in the first place.

You still don’t know enough of Jasmine to comprehend what she’s done for Charboneau. And if it doesn’t beat all, Christian proposes to Raven on the way home? He promised himself he’d talk with Raven, explain everything and swear to never leave her in the dark, no pun intended. Sorry, but for me, a marriage proposal doesn’t take care of that end. He should have told her everything – start to finish – feelings and all. The proposal would have been all that much more sweeter.

In my opinion, the novel wasn’t a waste of money but not the highest marks either.

Rating: .5


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