Left to Die by Lisa Jackson

Left To Die Left to Die by Lisa Jackson

Paperback: 484 pages – Publisher: Zebra (August 1, 2008 ) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 1420102761 – ISBN-13: 978-1420102765

Back of the Book reads:


One by one, the victims are carefully captured, toyed with, then subjected to a slow and agonizing death. Piece by piece, his exquisite plan takes shape. The police can’t yet see the beauty in his work – but soon, very soon, they will…


In the lonely woods around Grizzly Falls, Montana, four bodies have been discovered. Detectives Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli have been hoping for a career-making case, but this is a nightmare. Even with the FBI involved, Selena and Regan have nothing to go on but a killer’s criptic notes, and the unsettling knowledge that there is much worse to come…


When Jillian Rivers opens her eyes, she’s trapped in a mangled car. Then a stranger, claiming to be a trail guide named Zane MacGregor, pries her free. Though she’s grateful, something about him sets Jillian on edge. And if she knew what lay out there in the woods of Montana, she’s truly be terrified. Because someone is waiting … watching … poised to strike and make Jillian the next victim…

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22-Aug-08 to 26-Aug-08

Review: Chilling and Terrifiying!

A serial killer is in Grizzly Falls, Montana, shooting the tires of vehicles containing one lone occupant, a woman, his latest victim. He brings them to his ‘hide-out’, lets them recuperate somewhat, makes them dependant on him to the point of ‘wanting’ him. He takes them out, completely naked in the middle of winter, ties them to trees and leaves them there to die of exposure, leaving behind a star carved into the trees above their heads and a cryptic note using the initials of the women he’s left to die. He eludes the police easily, never leaving a trace on either victim, never leaving one alive.

Jillian Rivers is believed to be the next victim. After receiving calls and pictures, she believes that the person on the other end of the line is giving her clues to her first husband, thought to be dead; the husband who was presumed dead after stealing have a million from investors. She’d been remarried and divorced and now lives alone, running a one-woman business, creator of booklets, leaflets, brochures, etc… The disturbing phone calls and the pictures put her on edge and decides to investigate on her own. She leaves her home in Seattle and takes off for Montana, in search of answers.

She’s read the gruesome news announcements of what’s going on in Montana, but that doesn’t faze her… until it happens to her. Her tire is blown on, her car ends up over a cliff and down and embankment. Her rescuer, Zane MacGregor. He brings her to her cabin, keeps her warm, fed, comfortable as much as possible, all while trying to figure out a way to get her to a hospital between breaks in the snow storms. But Zane is a quiet man, one who doesn’t like to relive or talk about his past. He doesn’t like company overmuch, and it shows. Should Jillian trust him?

I thought this book was incredible! A serious mystery leaves you completely clueless as who it could be. You get glimpses into the killer’s mind, and he’s downright scary. What he’s doing he believes it’s art, and it’s enough to freak out a reader.

Jillian is a woman who’s had to rebuild herself and tried to start anew. After a second marriage that failed inside of two years, she’s on her own – and prefers it that way. A determined woman, she’s absolutely p.o.ed when pictures and disturbing phone calls have her wondering if her first husband, the man she loved totally and completely, is still alive. Had he faked his own death? Only one way to find out, and off she goes.

True to form, her tire is blown out by one riffle shot, and her car crashes. Here comes Zane MacGregor to the rescue. He’s not very keen on having a ‘damsel in distress’ in his home, and it shows. But is he the killer?

The book leaves you wondering and guessing until you don’t have to guess anymore. At first, with all the characters, it’s a little confusing until you get everyone in the right place and it goes along smoothly from there. The cops are smart, but so far the killer is eluding them very well. All they need is one break.

However, Jillian’s would-be killer isn’t the serial killer of the book, and I sooo loved that twist! However, I was upset at the end of the novel. Um, maybe frustrated would be a better word. Maybe even pissed. I mean, 484 pages in a book, and the story doesn’t end there. In fact, you still don’t know who the killer is, not even an inkling. To get the rest, the sequel, Chosen to Die, comes out a year from now. That’s a pisser for sure. To have to wait a year to get the second half of the story is going to piss off a lot of readers. And that’s why I’m telling you about that – in case you want to wait. Had I known about this, I’d have waited to put this in the pot for a book of the month. Even then, had I known, I’d have waited, period. And if I have to read another ‘department-issued’ something or other (coats, ski-pants, gloves, hats, jeeps, etc…), I’m going to tear my hair out!

And while the ending of the book is completely frustrating, it has lots of good points: a killer with a sick, twisted mind, a love story, a mystery, action, tenseful suspense. The only thing stopping me from giving this the highest marks is the ending. Sorry, Ms. Jackson! That was not appreciated at all.



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