Into the Flame by Christina Dodd (‘Darkness Chosen’ series Book #4)

Into the Flame (Darkness Chosen, Book 4) Into the Flame by Christina Dodd

‘Darkness Chosen’ series Book #4 (Final)

Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages – Publisher: Signet (August 5, 2008 ) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 0451224663 – ISBN-13: 978-0451224668

Back of the Book reads:

Roaming the Russian steppes a thousand years ago, a brutal warrior struck a terrifying deal. In exchange for the ability to transform into a heartless predator, he promised his soul – and the souls of his descendants – to the devil.

Ruggedly handsome cop Doug Black is determined to find the birth family who left him with nothing but a terrifying inheritance: the ability to change into a savage golden cougar. His search leads him to a woman as fearless and exotic as her name. Firebird Wilder is bitterly familiar with supernatural gifts, and flees on discovering Doug’s secret, leaving him alone once more. But no one can escape a wild cougar on the hunt. When he finds her, they must decide which is more powerful: the love that binds them – or the secrets that threaten to tear them apart.

13-Aug-08 to 14-Aug-08

Review: Terrific ending to a terrific series!

I couldn’t have asked for better! Upon some revelations (that were brought forward in the third book and revisited at the beginning of this novel), Firebird is determined to find Doug and bring him home. The father of her child, he actually really is the fourth Wilder son, who had been kidnapped at birth and left in the desert to die. She’s determined to explain who he is, what he is, and to bring him home to her son and her family. She first thought he was a Varinksi, having witnessed him changing from a golden cougar to man. She thought he was getting close to her to get to her family. While that part is true, it’s more complicated than that.

Doug thinks that Firebird left him suddenly because of her family – her brothers brought her home – and his recon excursions have him believing she’s being held against her will. He believes he’s a Varinski left for dead and is determined to get Firebird back and hand over her family to the Varinskis. Nothing could have been just as close, as well as just as far, from the truth. He learns that, while he is a Varinski, he’s a Wilder, and guilt assaults him when he realizes that he gave up his family, the woman he loves and his son, to the men who want them dead.

Conspiracies revealed, lots of action scenes, tension abounds, admissions of love, blind faith… together the Wilders beat the Varinskis and the prophecy foretold by Serena in the first book becomes true. A beloved does walk through fire and a child really does the impossible. Perfect ending to a perfect series, I hope Dodd write another like it.



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