Shards of Crimson by Liz Maverick, Carolyn Jewel, Patti O’Shea, Jade Lee (‘Crimson City’ series Book #7)

Shards of Crimson (Crimson City) Shards of Crimson by Liz Maverick, Carolyn Jewel, Patti O’Shea, Jade Lee

‘Crimson City’ series Book #7 – Anthology

Mass Market Paperback: 370 pages – Publisher: Love Spell (January 2, 2007) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 0505527103 – ISBN-13: 978-0505527103

Back of the Book reads:

It’s been said there’s no such thing as quiet here. Ever since the metropolis first became home to paranormals, discord was named queen. But who will be her king – vampires, werewolves, demons or men? Pacts have come and gone, all in secret. But one thing remains sure: From the soaring vampire high-rises to the werewolves’ labyrinth, and even on the infernal plane of Orcus, this land is a battleground and conflict is eternal.

Yet there are those who join together – strangers, enemies, lovers. Here, one silken caress can be deadlier than a bullet, but some still know joy. For darkness can become light, and in one sharp instant pain can become ecstasy, and hatred, love.

Welcome back to Crimson City.

Shards of Crimson on

Shards of Crimson on

Shards of Crimson on

6-Aug-08 to 7-Aug-08

Review: I want more!

I thought all four stories were pretty good. Each one had characters that were secondary characters in the other novels in the series. Each one different, but all had action, inner turmoils and excellent, erotic love scenes.

A Time to Howl by Liz Maverick: I thought this was great. Even when it started out almost as ‘poor little rich girl’, Tajo and Gia overcome their differences and learn about one another. What started out as a spur of the moment kidnapping turns into an excellent love story. I was disappointed, though, but not because of the story. I want Jill and Marius! Please, oh please, Ms. Maverick. I need Jill and Marius. By ending their torment you’ll be ending mine. Right at the beginning, the page just before the title page, Liz wrote: “To the fans waiting for Jill and Marius … we’ll get there.” Oh, I hope it’s soon. This novel had been published in January 2007. Please! The suspense is killing me here! Rating:

DX by Carolyn Jewel: Pretty good action and plot, but I found DX/Jaden to be a little overbearing. While I felt the characters were attracted to each other, I didn’t find the basis as to why Hell would become Jaden’s mate, just because. I didn’t feel the connection strong enough. While I know that there was a reason for it, I didn’t feel it was enough. Not bad, but not the greatest. Rating:

School Bites by Jade Lee: This one was delightful! I really liked how Toni and John fumbled with each other, turned to each other, trusted each other, helped one another. Each one strong in their beliefs, even when they change. I thought the story was a great change to the usual fighting and will to survive. The had a point to push across and I loved how that played out in the story. Even though fiction, we can learn from this one, and it was a pleasant surprise. Rating:

Dark Awakening by Patti O’Shea: Oh, I really enjoyed this one. I truly love how Kimi and Nic come together and win against the odds, just the two of them. I felt the connection between them, and I understood Kimi’s hesitancy. Nic doesn’t push, and Kimi, bold yet wary, learns something new every hour she spends with Nic. Their love blossoms, and the reader can feel it. I love how they team up to beat the bad guy, and no matter how scared she was, she did what she had to, to keep Nic alive. For a woman of only twenty years of age, she did something that most can’t, and it was incredible to watch. Rating:

And yet, I can’t help reiterate once more: Please, Liz! I need Jill and Marius!

Average Rating:  .5


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