Crimson Rogue by Liz Maverick (‘Crimson City’ series Book #6)

Crimson Rogue (Crimson City) Crimson Rogue by Liz Maverick

‘Crimson City’ series Book #6

Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages – Publisher: Love Spell (April 4, 2006) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 0505526255 – ISBN-13: 978-0505526250

Back of the Book reads:

From the four strata of Crimson City come rogues: vampire, werewolf, human, demon. These rebels, rakes and unsung heroes have turned their backs on the extravagant vampire skyway, the gritty werewolf underground, the iron-fisted human stronghold and the fiery power of the demon underworld. Walking a thin line between their own destinies. Ironically, they will be the ones to determine if the City flourishes or fails.

Cydney Brighton knows them well, for she too is now rogue. Having escaped hell, she’s discovered that the City is not what it once was – and neither is she. Only one man understands her, understands what it means to be someone or something beyond control. He’s ready to come out of the darkness, and part-man, part-machine, he’s willing to sacrifice almost anything to make himself whole.

The future is theirs.

Crimson Rogue

Crimson Rogue at

Crimson Rogue at

Crimson Rogue at

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Review: Action-packed, but excellent conclusion?

Terrific, excellent, worthy once again of the Crimson City series! I think Liz Maverick knows how to create an alternate reality really well. But she left me stumped, which I will get to in a minute.

If you read the first book in the series, you’ll understand why this seemed like a complete turnaround for Cyd Brighton. In the first novel, we’re told of what she did before joining B-Ops, things she’d seen and wanted to forget. It had to horrible enough for her to live the way she lived, including the drugs. Her disappearance was a great mystery, and I was left feeling slightly unfulfilled with not having an explanation.

In this novel, we get the explanation, and it’s enough to get the shivers. Incredible as it was, she escapes Orcus and the demon who pulled her in. But she refuses to go back to B-Ops and becomes a rogue. She wants nothing to do with her old life, finding that, while gone ‘missing’ for three months, a lot has changed. Determined to persevere, she goes to the only place where she believes she can make a fresh start: Bosco’s; a seedy bar where it seems the rogues like to hang.

And that’s where Finn is. He is the mech in the first book, the one who murdered Fleur’s brothers, under orders. He went Rogue from there, learning to live day to day in his surroundings, wanting and trying to rip the metal from his flesh. More human than machine, he wants to live and will do anything not to be brought back to his ‘non-existance’.

Cyd and Finn are attracted to each other almost right from the first. Finn pushes Cyd to report in to B-Ops, not wanting her killed. Claiming she has no clue where she’s been while missing, they ship her right back to where it all began, where she’d first been spotted by Griff-Vai, the demon who took her to Orcus with one thing on his mind: Cyd replacing the vishtau mate he’d lost.

But Cyd and Finn team up, and their inner battles rival the action-packed ones, which I really, really liked. But when it all becomes too much, with Griff constantly in her head, the threat of being brought back to Orcus, believing the medallion she’d taken when Xiao Fei and Patrick closed the portal between both worlds (Seduced by Crimson) was the link and returning to Patrick being hopeless, Cyd falls into despair and ends up back the way she was before her kidnapping. However, she is no longer exactly the same: now part human and part demon, she is scared beyond belief and while a man’s prophecy seems disjointed to her, she comes to believe it. Forming an alliance with the rogues, Cyd, with Finn’s help, fights back.

Lots of action, lessons learned, and love found. While they seem an odd pair, they fit together beautifully.

And this is where I come to the comment I made in the first paragraph: How can this be the end? No way! The epilogue raised more questions, the promise of another story. Oh, Ms. Maverick, please, pretty please tell me this isn’t the end? I so badly want Jill and Marius to be happy. Please!



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