Turbulent Sea by Christine Feehan (‘Drake Sisters’ series Book #6)

Turbulent Sea (Drake Sisters, Book 6) Turbulent Sea by Christine Feehan

‘Drake Sisters’ series Book #6

Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages – Publisher: Jove (July 29, 2008 ) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 0515145068 – ISBN-13: 978-0515145069

Back of the Book reads:

Trapped in a storm of desire…

…It’s easy for a woman to be swept away.

The star: Joley Drake was born with a legacy of unexpected magical gifts, but it was the gift of singing that made her an overnight sensation – a rock-and-roll goddess trapped by fame, fortune and ambition. Heated by the flush of success, Joley can have any man she wants. And there’s only one man who can give her what she really needs.

The bodyguard: Ilya Prakenskii, cool, inscrutable, dangerously sexy and working in the shadow of his infamous reputation – that of a secret Russion hit man on the payroll of a notorious mobster. He’s the last man Joley should get close to, yet when her life is threatened on tour, she has nowhere left to turn. But in the seductive safety of Ilya’s embrace, is Joley really as secure as she imagines?

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2-Aug-08 to 3-Aug-08

Review: Incredible and damn near unputdownable!

Oh, did I really enjoy this one. Full of fire and ice, temptation and inner battles.

I’d always liked Joley, right from the start. Regardless of her lifestyle, I knew she wasn’t like her sisters, that there was something different about her. I always felt that, even surrounded by those who loved her, she still had this are about her, the sense that she was alone in a room filled with people… I’m glad to say – Not Anymore!

Any reader who reads this book would feel the deep-seeded connection between Joley and Ilya – and I’m talking about before this novel. In this one, it only intensifies. She doesn’t want to want him, but yet she can’t stop herself. And when he’s near, the burning inside for him grows enough that it scares her. Her inner struggle: she is terrified of giving herself to anyone, let alone Ilya; terrified of losing herself, of losing who she is.

Ilya feels her desire and taunts her, and himself, mercilessly. He knows deep down that she is ‘The One’.

Feehan delivers and exciting, terrifying ride for the reader: from intense erotic love scenes to intense action scenes, both sending the readers hearts pounding.

I did find, however, that scenes unfolded more around the secondary characters than Joley and Ilya. Right to the end, I was irked that Ilya didn’t share his past sufficiently with Joley. He hurt her doing that, as it would/did hurt me. He needs to learn to trust Joley, and I really do hope that someday it’ll come. Sure, he finally admits to what he does near the end, but he still doesn’t trust her fully as to the things he’s done, the things he’s seen, his childhood. And out of all the Drake Sisters novels, I felt a little off by that. He may admit he loves her, but for me, it wasn’t enough.

For that reason, I can’t give it a full mark.



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