Warrior by Angela Knight (‘The Time Hunters’ series Book #1)

The Time Hunters Warrior by Angela Knight

‘The Time Hunters’ series Book #1

Paperback: 304 pages – Publisher: Berkley (July 1, 2008 ) – Language: English  –ISBN-10: 0425220842 – ISBN-13: 978-0425220849

Back of the Book reads:

“A rising star in the paranormal pantheon,”* Angela Knight returns to the future with a sexy Warlord who’s sent back in time to stop a madman from killing…

In the twenty-third century, time travel is no longer just a flight of fancy. Tourists, historians, and criminals can leap though time at will. To police the time Jumpers, the Temporal Enforcement Agency has established a precinct in time, tucked away in the Georgia mountains.

Galar Arvid, a genetically altered Warlord and agent, has been sent ack to 2008 to save a pretty Atlanta artist from a Xeran time traveler who intends to kill her for profit. What Galar doesn’t count on is the powerful desire Jessica Kelly ignites in him. But could a romance between them every work? A two-hundred-year chasm separates them, and even if they dart through time, there’s still a maniacal killer on their tail…

(*Midwest Book Review)

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22-Jul-08 to 25-Jul-08

Review: Another excellent Knight novel!

Usually I have a really hard time with sci-fi novels, especially those that are focused in the future. I find some authors go overboard and it doesn’t feel real. Knight is exactly the opposite. The way the writes, everything feels comfortable, like you’re there, in the future and everything feels like it’s the way it ought to be. I really enjoy authors who can do that.

Jessica is an unrecognized artist who truly enjoys her work. Living with her roommate, Charlotte, she is trying to break out in the art world and isn’t having much luck. A strong woman, she uses her brain and fights for her life.

We learn that, in the future, she’s supposed to have been possibly murdered, although her body was never found. Galar is sent back to find out what happened, if it’s possible that a future collector of her work wants her dead so that her art is more valuable/worth more. The rules are that he is not allowed to change the past, that he isn’t only there to see what happened. However, looks and beliefs are deceiving, and the story holds a lot more than the obvious.

A Xeran battleborg is sent back in time to deal with the roommate – she is the object of his mission. But before he can complete his mission, Charlotte does something to Jess and hightails it out of there, leaving Jess to deal with what’s to come. A fight on her hands, her life in jeopardy, she is brought into the future. At first, she has a hard time, but quickly learns that it’s not bad.

She and Galar have formed a strong bond almost right from the first. It’s great to see that bond go beyond the norm. While you do get some answers, others are not, and I found this strange. Obviously, the answers will come in future novels, but I hate it when a story is left unfinished. Even the characters are left wondering the what and why of it all, not to mention the who.

Truly a great novel, except for that. One star missing, but I won’t miss the rest of the series because of it.



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