Killer Weekend by Ridley Pearson

Killer Weekend Killer Weekend by Ridley Pearson

Paperback: 384 pages – Publisher: Jove; Reprint edition (June 24, 2008 ) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 0515144797 – ISBN-13: 978-0515144796

Back of the Book reads:

Eight years ago in Sun Valley, all that stood between controversial New York State attorney general Liz Shaler and a knife-wielding intruder was local patrolman Walt Fleming. Now, Fleming is the county sheriff, and Shaler’s returning to Sun Valley to announce her candidacy for president at the hight-profile convergence of media heavy hitters. The event also attracts a hired assassin, who’s hiding in plain sight with an ingenious and fail-safe plan. Once executed, it will collide not only with Shaler’s future, but – as the clock ticks down – with Walt Fleming’s haunted past as well…

Killer Weekend at

Killer Weekend at

Killer Weekend at

6-Jul-08 to 10-Jul 08

Review: Unsure…

Not quite sure how to play this one. I really enjoy Pearson’s Boldt series, but this one… not that great, I hate to admit.

I felt disconnected while reading this; like reading it because it’s there but the author fails to suck you into the story. Strange, but true. I found the characters were the same as everything else I’ve read – nothing to draw them apart, make them special. You get a glimpse of Walt’s past and understand why he and his father are always tense around each other, but in the now, Walt should have been able to get over that. I’m sure to a twelve-year-old it was too much, but as adults – I mean, come on! Enough is enough already. All the talk about Walt and his wife no longer together, that it didn’t work and yet, his feelings at finding out his ex-wife is with someone else, let alone a co-worker is spinning him around. I have to give kudos to Pearson, however: Walt is a very smart sheriff. I’m glad he solved it.

And yet, still, with all the characters in the book, there’s nothing personal in it. While there are a couple of scenes between two secondary characters, it was more of a set up for what happens, and I felt cheated. You don’t get to the heart of any of the characters except for Walt, and even then it feels disconnected. The synopsis of the book talks about Liz, but she isn’t even close to a primary character in the book, even if all the events are surrounding her. It’s like there should have been a previous book on both characters so that you understand them better.

And the whole killer in disguise thing – it’s been done before. Mind you, the way Pearson put it in his book was pretty inventive. And what he does to the dog… while I found that a little ‘tacky’, pretty inventive as well. Some might freak on the whole “animal cruelty’ thing, but the dog is fine, nothing happens to her, so get off it already.

All in all, while it was pretty good and it had some high points, especially near the end, it still fell far short of expectations… and I hate it when that happens.



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