My apologies to my faithful readers!

Before I even post some reviews, I wanted to apologize to you all.

As frustrating as computer problems are, I’ve been plagued with adware/spyware BS and all virus problems known to man. This has been keeping me from my computer, as it takes three times the normal amount of time to do what I usually do daily/weekly online. It’s a pisser, I’m hating it like you wouldn’t believe, and unfortunately, as much as I wish, I can’t throw this POS out the window – I can’t afford a new one. And with Windows Vista popping up in all new computers, I’m not looking forward to a new one whatsoever.

While I have some of the problems taken care of (Spy Sweeper seems to be doing okay), I just did a search on my computer and found out I don’t have virus protection. Somehow, my computer kicked it off and I haven’t been able to turn it back on. Last week, we stopped at Staples and a few other places, but no one had a copy of Norton Antivirus on hand, and that’s the only one I trust. I use it at work and I’ve never had a problem in 8 years. I’ll say this: If you have Zone Labs on your computer, Get Rid Of It! This is what’s caused all of my problems!

So, as soon as I have Norton back on my computer, I’ll guarantee that the rest of the problems that Spy Sweeper hasn’t been able to take care of will be completely gone. I’m rubbing my hands and the prospect!

Anyway, I really wanted to apologize to you all. It’s not fair to you to keep you waiting. And while I didn’t been my record for June of last year, I was close! And with the Summerfest less than three weeks away, I probably won’t have July’s record of last year beat either. But it won’t be for the lack of trying.

So, here goes nothing…

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