The Darkest Kiss by Keri Arthur (‘Riley Jenson Guardian’ series Book #6)

The Darkest Kiss (Riley Jensen, Guardian, Book 6) The Darkest Kiss by Keri Arthur

‘Riley Jenson Guardian’ series Book #6

Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages – Publisher: Dell (April 29, 2008 ) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 0553591142 – ISBN-13: 978-0553591149


Riley Jenson hunts evildoers – and does it with style all her own. With vamp blood coursing through her veins, and a werewolf’s uncanny instinct for danger, Riley wears snakeskin stilettos and pure in-you-face attitude when she plunges into her lastest case: hunting down a killer whose victims are high-society strumpets – and the rich and powerful men they’ve dated.

But for Riley, the case takes a chilling turn when a second killer starts trailing mutilated bodies of his own: a crazed young vamp choosing victims from a past marked by tragedy. Riley knows she’s got the skill and cunning to catch two serial kilers at once … until one of them strikes inside her own tight-knit clan – and a sexy beast of a vampire reenters her life to aid in the hunt. His name is Quinn. He’s lived forever, shed blood, and shared pleasure … and he’s the only man over whom Riley has absolutely no control…

The Darkest Kiss at

The Darkest Kiss at

The Darkest Kiss at

(12-Jun-08 to 14-Jun-08 )

Review: Another excellent Riley story!

Riley’s focused on two cases this time around, and I loved the action scenes while the hunts grew. Riley’s smarts and instincts get the job done.

Excellent action scenes, lots of suspense, and more about her inner struggle with her feelings. She and Quinn have lots to work out.

Kellen had left her feeling alone, and she struggles quite a bit with that. She truly did love him, but I believe that, if a man truly loves you, he won’t ask you to change. While it hurt that he left, I believe that she’s better off. Quinn comes back, and while he may have learned the error of his ways, he still has a lot to learn about Riley. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – I think that while Quinn may be stubborn, it may work out just between them. Like any woman, Riley is being cautious; she doesn’t want to get hurt again, and I can understand that.

We get even more between Rhoan and Liander, and Rhoan’s inner struggle where Liander’s concerned. I really like the banter between Kade and Riley, even though she refuses to let it go anywhere. In true Riley form, she gives the excuse that Jack would get mad about it. We know better. She’s not ready for it, but she won’t admit it to anyone but herself. And I wonder if anything will come of the banter between Cole and Riley. I think he’s very attacted to her and fighting it tooth and nail. It will be interesting to see if anything happens between them.

Another excellent novel and I can’t wait for the next.



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