The Guilty by Jason Pinter (‘Henry Parker’ series Book #2)

The Guilty The Guilty by Jason Pinter

‘Henry Parker’ series Book #2

Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages – Publisher: Mira (March 1, 2008 ) – Language: English – ISBN-10: 077832463X – ISBN-13: 978-0778324638

Justice is fast as a bullet…

As I lie in bed with Amanda, ignoring another late-night call from my ex, a shot rings out in the New York night and a beautiful starlet dies outside the city’s most popular nightclub. This is the kind of story I was born to chase – but I never dreamed this story began over a hundred years ago…

Suddenly another life is taken, the bullet fired from one of the deadliest guns ever made. Both victimes are highly controversial, their murders more like public executions. My search leads me into the twisted world of The Boy – a world defined by a demented code of honor and shocking long-buried secrets of the world’s most infamous outlaw.

When this assassin realized I’m getting too close to the truth, uncovering the past could jeopardize everything I care about. Because in his world there’s a fine line between good and eveil, and the difference between innocence and guilt depends on who’s holding the gun…

The Guilty on

The Guilty on

The Guilty on

26-May-08 to 29-May-08

Review: Excellent second novel!

Incredible and darn near unputdownable! I really enjoy the characters in the series and the new ones that pop up. Lots of action and suspense. Pinter, the author, really pulls you into Henry’s world and it stays in your mind long after the novel is finished.

Some may find the plot a little ‘cheesy’, and while I didn’t find it the most original, it’s how it played out that was the fascinating part. Like a reporter hitting the ground running, you’re the reader that’s sucked in before the first chapter is even finished, you’re hooked, hitting the ground running right along with Henry in the second chapter.

My mistake was reading the excerpt at the back of the novel of the prologue and first chapter from his third novel, The Stolen, coming out in August 2008. I would have been content to eagerly await his third novel, but now I’m impatient waiting, LOL!

To reiterate, great characters, well played-out plot, tons of action and suspense… I couldn’t ask for better. A new author has joined the crowd of thriller authors, ladies and gents, and his name is Jason Pinter!


If you intend to read this book, do not read past this point!

I found that Jack was butting in where his nose didn’t belong. I would have expected this exact thing from Paulina, not Jack. Not everyone is the same, nor can they cope with the same things in life. Everyone is different and I was angry that Jack would naturally assume that Henry was like him. I don’t think Jack would have ever had or every will have what Henry and Amanda have/had.

The ending was sad and a little frustrating. Amanda was safe and sound, Mya was going to survive – he doesn’t love Mya, but he’s going to stick by her – something he regrets he hadn’t been able to do before. He loves Amanda, but he pushed her away ‘to protect her’. Now both of them are hurting because Henry can’t get passed what ‘almost’ happened? Someone (by that, I mean character in the book) should be giving Henry a really good smack upside the head!



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