Beyond Control by Rebecca York (‘Beyond’ series Book #1)

Beyond Control (Beyond, Book 1) Beyond Control by Rebecca York (Ruth Glick writing as)

‘Beyond’ series Book #1

Paperback: 336 pages Publisher: Berkley (August 2, 2005) Language: English ISBN-10: 0425204421 ISBN-13: 978-0425204429

From the USA Today bestselling author of Crimson Moon comes a gripping romantic thriller about two people whose intense attraction draws them deeper and deeper into each others’ minds – and deeper into dangerous, old secrets…

When journalist Jordan Walker asks Lindsay Fleming for help investigating the puzzling death of a local millionaire’s son, he tells himself it’s her Capitol Hill connections that he needs. But he can’t quite forget the singular, intense reaction he had when he touched her hand the first time they met, and Lindsay is still reeling from the vivid dream she had about him that same night. Their need to connect to each other – mentally and physically – is stronger than anything either has ever felt before.

As they delve deeper into a complicated web of military and scientific secrets, each new discovery brings more questions about their mysterious bond – and more danger. But they must join together to uncover the truth about the power that lies at the very heart of their relationship – and fight against the sinister forces that would destroy them…

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REVIEW: Pretty good!

The main characters were pretty amazing, adapting to the whole thing quite quickly. Jordan, an investigative journalist, seeks the help of Lindsay, who works for a U.S. senator, in digging for the truth about a secret lab, secret drugs, and the reason why key people are dead. With one touch, they unlock a force between them, a telepathic connection that gets stronger with every touch. Soon they can do things that other ‘normal’ humans can’t. And both want to know why this is happening.

It’s great to see both characters developpe, how they feel about one another. The plot unfolds, action and suspense abound, a great first novel.


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