Tempting Sin by AJ Hampton (eBook)


Tempting Sin (eBook)     Tempting Sin by AJ Hampton

eBook 58 Pages, ISBN: 9781600882326

Is one womans love worth an eternity of darkness?

Born to a long line of mages, Amelia has powers of unimaginable strength. But no matter how great the power, there is always a weakness. Her weakness, human emotion, hits her full-force when she’s faced with the only two men she’s ever loved – a shape shifter and a vampire.As the lust between them rises, so does the darkness she fights to conceal. Everything is laid on the line when Amelia reveals that Kieran, her mate, has turned her into a vampire. Brendon has to decide if one woman’s love is worth an eternity of darkness.




Review: Terrific!Strong characters that aren’t shy about what they want, no matter how they fight temptation.

Amelia, a strong woman in her own right, knows what she wants and pushes to get it.

Kieran, completely arrogant to the point of being an extreme a-hole, believes he knows how to manipulate Amelia and the situation. In truth, I believe Amelia has him wrapped around her finger.

I truly felt for Brendon. No man wants to see the woman he loves being touched by another man. I did find that, at the end, he accepted what was a little too easily. He’d fought with all of his being until he succumbed – I’d have liked to see him fight a little more. They way he accepted was a little too neat.

I really wished there had been a story before this one; one that would give us further details of how Kieran came in contact with Amelia, how and why Amelia ran and fell into Brendon’s arms, and why she returned to Kieran, only have have Brendon chase after her.

Completely erotic to leave any reader breathless with want, this one isn’t for the faint of heart, LOL! It’ll leave you ‘wanting’ more. AJ, I can’t wait for the the next one!





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