Ice Trap by Kitty Sewell


 Ice Trap     Ice Trap  by Kitty Sewell

Paperback: 455 pages Publisher: Touchstone (February, 2008) Language: English ISBN-10: 1416539980 ISBN-13: 978-1416539988

Welsh surgeon Dafydd Woodruff’s life is about to be blown apart by the unexpected news that, fourteen years before, he fathered twins. But that’s impossible according to Dafydd since, despite the subsequent DNA evidence which would appear to prove the girl’s case, he’s never slept with the twins’ mother, the icily formidable Sheila Hailey who worked in the hospital at Moose Creek, an isolated town buried deep in the Canadian wilderness where Dafydd spent a career break fifteen years ago. With his marriage in jeopardy and his medical career under threat, Dafydd takes a flight back to the remote, ice-bound community of Moose Creek to make sense of the impossible, and to confront demons he thought he’d left behind years ago … 

17-Mar-08 to 1-Apr-08

Review: Close to a really slow read.

This story jumps a lot from past to present. It doesn’t bother me when an author does that, but it may bother some.

While the characters were complex, I found that there was no originality. There was nothing separating the characters from ones I’ve read before. The plot was pretty good, but I found it took forever to get to the climax of the book. There was a reason for visiting the past – you needed to know what happened in order to figure out what was going on.

Dafydd was the typical doctor that had something bad happen in the past that he couldn’t let go. He goes off for a year to the small community of Moose Creek. Here you learn about the characters in his past.

I really liked Ian and it’s too bad what happens to him. As a small community doctor, Ian was the typical small-town doctor and turned into a typical man in a town with nothing to do.

Sheila is the type of woman most people hate, and with good reason.

It’s too bad that Isabel, Dafydd’s wife in current time, can’t stand beside ‘her man’. I felt bad for Dafydd. But her character was typical (I’m starting to overuse that word, I think) to others I’ve read before – I’d have liked something different about her.

Each character plays a roll, and there are several interlocking mysteries, as the synopsis promises, and the ending is a bit of  a shocking surprise.

The ending left a part for readers to speculate about the rest of Dafydd’s life. I liked that.

But as there wasn’t as much in way of action, this was more of a mystery novel with nothing much to it. I can’t give it full marks as, at points, it seemed to drag on. Time consuming, but all in all, not that bad a read.


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