Secrets, Volume 7 by Kathryn Anne Dubois, Angela Knight, Jade Lawless and Julia Welles


Secrets, Vol. 7 Secrets, Volume 7  by Kathryn Anne Dubois, Angela Knight, Jade Lawless and Julia Welles

part of the Secrets series, The Best in Women’s Sensual Fiction

Trade Paperback: 250 pages Publisher: Red Sage Publishing, Inc. (December 1, 2001) Language: English ISBN-10: 0964894270 ISBN-13: 978-0964894273 

Julia WellsAmelia’s Innocence. Captian Quentin Hawke won the right to take Amelia’s Innocence. She did not know her father bet her in a card game, so honor demands a compromise –Three days of erotic foreplay, leaving her virginity and future intact. Can Quentin resist this irresistible maiden?

Jade LawlessThe Woman of His Dreams. From the day arist Gray Avonaco moves in next door, Joanna Morgan is plauged by provocative dreams. He must persuade her that even death can’t stop true love– before he loses The Woman of His Dreams forever.

Kathryn Anne Dubois – Surrender In SURRENDER, free-spirited Lady Johanna wants no part of the binding strictures society imposes with her marriage to the poweful Duke of Chandlemare. She doesn’t know the dark Duke intends more than a conventional marriage — he wants sensual adventure, sexual satisfaction, and ultimately, her surrender.

Angela KnightKissing the Hunter. Navy Seal Logan McLean hunts the vampires who murdered his wife. Virginia Hart is a sexy vampire searching for her lost soulmate only to find him in a mand determined to kill her. In KISSING THE HUNTER, she must convince him all vampires aren’t created equally — hunting her won’t save his sould, only loving her will. 

24-Mar-08 to 25-Mar-08

Review: Amelia’s Innocence. I thought the story very sensual and erotic, the characters believable, but I didn’t feel the ‘spark’ that should have been between Hawke and Amelia for them to fall for each other as they did. Still, it was good.

The Woman of His Dreams. I liked this one. You could feel the pull between the characters. Wild, erotic, I loved how the scenes played out, how the past and the present mixed to bring them together. Wow, those are some dreams I wouldn’t mind having!

Surrender. Oh, what I wouldn’t do for a ‘brute’ like that. Demanding and unrelenting, he deliberately pushes her, and I liked how she charged back. Despite the difference in ages, I thought they were made for each other, as much as love as testing their patience.

Kissing the Hunter. Oh, lordy, does Angela Knight know how to write a story! There’s no slowing down! Her characters truly compliment each other, both physically strong and strong-willed. The battle between the two and the wars within themselves at punch to the story, and the sensually erotic scenes leave you as breathless as the characters themselves. I pray she never stops writing – it would be a great loss.



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