Secrets, Volume 6 by MaryJanice Davidson, Sandy Fraser, Alice Gaines and Angela Knight


Secrets, Vol. 6 Secrets, Volume 6 by MaryJanice Davisdon, Sandy Fraser, Alice Gaines and Angela Knight

part of the Secrets series

Trade Paperback: 313 pages Publisher: Red Sage Publishing, Inc. (December 1, 2000) Language: English ISBN-10: 0964894262 ISBN-13: 978-0964894266  

Sandy Fraser

In Flint’s Fuse, Dana Madison’s father has her “kidnapped” for her own safety. Flint, the tall, dark and dangerous mercenary, is hired for the job. But just which one is the prisoner – Dana will try anything to get away.

MaryJanice Davidson

Trapped in an elevator, Jeannie Lawrence became Love’s Prisoner when she experienced unwilling rapture at Michael Windham’s hands. She never expected the devilishly handsome man to show back up in her life – or turn out to be a werewolf! Will she accept her destiny to be his mate?

Alice Gaines

The Education of Miss Felicity Wells covers how to satisfy her soon-to-be husband but she needs a teacher. Dr. Marcus Slade, an experienced lover, agrees to take her on as a student, but can he stop short of taking her completely?

Angela Knight

On the trail of a hot story, reporter Dana Ivory stumbles onto a more amazing one – a sexy, secret agent who happens to be a vampire. She wants her story but Gabriel Archer believes she’s A Candidate for the Kiss.

22-Mar-08 to 24-Mar-08

Review: Described as The best in Women’s Erotic Romance, I’ll agree to that!

Reading Flint’s Fuse, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. How can two people fall in love one only one does all the talking? Honestly? Dana was getting on my nerves like you wouldn’t believe. While she constantly fought to get way from Flint, I found her to be shallow and whiny. By the end of the story, I can easily say that the lust between them was strong, but I can’t say that I believe the characters would be together forever. I didn’t find it as erotic as some stories, but it definitely heated things up.

I thought the characters complex in Davidson’s Love’s Prisoner. Although I’ve read plenty of werewolf stories, this one had an added twist (punishment and that’s all I’ll say so that I don’t spoil it for you) that I found fascinating. I’d never read anything like that before. A couple of action scenes that get the blood pumping, and erotic for sure!

I’m still not quire sure I understand how Marc and Felicity managed to fall in love. Erotic scenes and fantasies well done, but they talked about their fantasies, and a couple of experiences, but not the really deep-down stuff. I found it interesting, but not enough to reread.

Now, Angela Knight knows how to write a story! Completely believable characters with deep-seated feelings and dreams. I loved how Archer ‘guessed’ Dana’s secret fantasies. And they talk! They talk about themselves, their pasts, what they want. And the love scenes definitely hot-under-the-collar erotic. I can see why they fell for each other, and I can wish I’d read more of them, like a continuing of their story! Tops for me, but then, Knight’s stories always grip me from the first sentence to the last.



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