Wolf River by Jill Gregory


Wolf River     Wolf River  by Jill Gregory

Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages Publisher: Bantam (May 1, 2007) Language: English ISBN-10: 0440243041 ISBN-13: 978-0440243045

New York City children’s author Erinn Winters is haunted by a past no one knows, and dark visions of death and danger that come to her without warning. But when a desperate search for her estranged sister leads her to Wolf River, Montana, Erinn suddenly finds her secrets, even her very life, at risk. And after meeting notoriously sexy Jase Fortune, Erinn finds herself in another kind of danger—she could lose her heart.

Jase Fortune is as committed to staying single as he is to running his booming family ranch––until mysterious, gorgeous Erinn shows up. But someone is out to destroy the Fortunes, and Jase finds himself willing to do anything to protect not only his family but Erinn too. As the peril mounts, so do Erinn’s and Jase’s feelings for each other, but the promise of love is threatened by deadly secrets and vicious enemies, and a killer who will stop at nothing…. 

25-Feb-08 to 27-Feb-08

Review: Another awesome book by Jill Gregory!

I love how she writes. She can suck you into the story with the first chapter and not let go of you until the last. Her characters are never boring, all with different personalities, making them each unique to one another. She knows how to describe the scenery so that the reader could swear your smelling the fields, hear the thunder of horses hooves, including the hearts of those terrified. She can grip you with her suspense, and there’s a twist in this story I didn’t see coming, not one bit.

I thought Erinn was a great character. Strong, she’s built a wall around herself as self-protection. And no matter how much she tries, Jase still manages to get under her skin, just as she does him.

Jase is the typical ‘hurt’ cowboy, determined to keep his heart locked away. Try as he might, it still didn’t work. And although that part was typical, I still love how Gregory manages to have her characters break each other’s shells. She creates a powerful spark you feel between the characters.

I thought the ‘danger’ in the book wasn’t the best of Gregory‘s ideas, but you can still understand the point of view of the bad character(s) in not wanting to get caught and stop at nothing to get away with it. But it’s that twist that you don’t see coming that packs a punch. And the ending – classic Gregory.

Rating: .75


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