Tall, Dark and Deadly by Heather Graham


Tall Dark And Deadly     Tall, Dark and Deadly by Heather Graham

Mass Market Paperback: 388 pages Publisher: Onyx (MM) (May 31 1999) Language: English ISBN-10: 0451408470 ISBN-13: 978-0451408471  

When her friend disappears, and the cops seem uninterested in following up the case, a glamorous young woman starts her own investigation. With the help of an autistic child and her ex-lover, she digs deeper into the missing woman’s affairs–especially her job as a criminal defense attorney. The growing list of suspects includes clients, colleagues, family members, and old flames–all of whom have their own reasons to get rid of the woman. And when a socialite with ties to the law firm is found in the Everglades, the trio of sleuths realize that someone is tying up loose ends…and they may be next!

9-Jan-08 to 10-Jan-08

Review: Heather Graham does it to me yet again! I don’t know how she does it!

She creates characters so lifelike and believable that you can’t help getting caught up in their lives.

The action and suspense were great, the plot well done. She had so many characters, not too much or too little, and it was tough trying to figure out who the killer was. I thought I was so sure, but I was way off the mark and surprised beyond belief.

However, I found the ending a little rushed. It happened a little too fast with too little explanation. Sure, you get it all, but not when you really need it.

What I like about this author … she has a way of putting the killer’s thoughts and feelings in her books, so well done, she gives you the chills. And even though I was so sure of who it was, you don’t get to know who it really is until the exact crucial moment.

And I have to say, he may not have been a leading character, but Gregory was my fave character in this book.

Rating: .5


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