Killer Dreams by Iris Johansen


Killer Dreams     Killer Dreams by Iris Johansen

small tie-in with her ‘Eve Duncan’ series

Mass Market Paperback: 432 pages Publisher: Bantam; Reprint edition (Aug 28 2007) Language: English ISBN-10: 055358653X ISBN-13: 978-0553586534  

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Countdown returns with a knock-out suspense thriller that pits a mother and son against a killer who’s the stuff of nightmares.

If you close your eyes, he’ll get you. Sophie Dunston knows all too well how dreams can kill. As one of the nation’s top sleep therapists, she specializes in the life-threatening night terrors that her ten-year-old son, Michael, suffers from. But she is also an expert in another kind of terror–the kind that can turn a dream life into a living nightmare in the blink of an eye.

Someone is watching. He’s a shadowy figure from out of her darkest fears and he hasn’t forgotten her. In one shocking moment of violence, he’d shattered Sophie’s world forever and left her with only one thing to live for: her son. But the nightmare isn’t over for Sophie Dunston. It’s just begun. He’s been waiting. Sophie was supposed to die the first time around, but fate intervened. This time he’ll make sure that not even a miracle will save her.

It wasn’t a miracle that saved Jock Gavin, but it was pretty close. A semiretired hit man, commando, and jack-of-all-deadly-trades, he knows what Sophie is up against–and that she’ll need help. But the man he’s chosen for the job is as unpredictable as he is dangerous. Matt Royd is a wild card–hard, cool, merciless–and putting him into play changes the game completely. But to whose advantage?

Sophie will soon find out. She will have to trust Royd because she has no choices left. Because the bogeyman haunting her dreams is all too real and he’s on the hunt again. Because the nightmare he’s got planned for Sophie won’t end when she wakes up screaming. It won’t end. Ever.

16-Jan-08 to 17-Jan-08

Review: One heck of a novel, as far as I’m concerned.

First, all the locations in the novel were great. I liked the diversity.

Royd’s character didn’t really surprise me in a novel like this, but I liked his mischievousness and sense of humour.

I liked Sophie. She may have felt responsible for what happened to Royd, Joch and the rest of the men, but you could tell she had a great head on her shoulders and a compassinate heart.

I felt something between Royd and Sophie right off, but it was more subtle.

Then there was Michael. For a ten-year-old, he was one hell of a smart, brave kid.

I really liked the plot and how it was played out. I’ll admit that it wasn’t terrible original (the what, I mean), but the way it came about and was played out were, and I liked it! With just the right amount of action, and the right kind, to get the heart pumping while you cheer on the characters.

And, though it doesn’t happen often, the ‘bad guys’ gave me the chills.

Now, for those of you who’ve read or are currently reading Johansen’s ‘Eve Duncan’ series, there is mention of Joe and Jane. Now, I’m not sure exactly what’s going on there as I’ve only read the first book (I don’t have the second as of yet but I do have all the others) but I actually am really excited to find out. Especially about this character MacDuff. Now he has me intrigued.

Rating: .5 (an only because I wasn’t really impressed with the Epilogue.)


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