Always a Thief by Kay Hooper (‘Quinn/Thief’ series Book #2)


Always a Thief     Always a Thief by Kay Hooper

‘Quinn/Thief’ series Book #2

Hardcover: 365 pages Publisher: Thorndike Press; Largeprint edition (October 2003) Language: English ISBN-10: 0786255358 ISBN-13: 978-0786255351  

In a deadly game of skill and deception…A master thief is just the first wild card…

The priceless, rarely displayed Bannister collection is about to be exhibited—and the show’s director, Morgan West, can’t ignore her growing uneasiness. She’s certain she hasn’t seen the last of the infamous cat burglar Quinn. But she never expected him to turn up at her apartment one dark night in desperate need of her help—help she can’t refuse. The mysterious master thief is playing a dangerous game, and it’s a game that just might get him killed.

With Morgan’s help, Quinn sets a trap intended to catch someone far more elusive…and more deadly…than a thief. But an unseen threat shadows him in the fog-shrouded San Francisco night, an unknown adversary more cunning than any he has yet encountered. Now, just when the stakes are higher than even Quinn can imagine, no one can be trusted—and everything’s at risk.

Review: Okay, can someone tell me if there’s another novel tied into these? Cause I’m adding a groan of frustration when I say – “What the H-E-double hockey sticks!”

Now, let me start off by saying I enjoyed this one just as much as the first, if not more.

The plot thickens and gets better. I loved how it all played out. Especially between Morgan and Quinn.

The lies and manipulations were just as thick in this novel and added to the intrigue.

The action scenes well placed and played out. And I paid careful attention to Morgan, the way her mind works, the way she manages to put things together.

I thoroughly enjoyed how it all came together at the end until – and this is where my frustration came in. A twist at the end of the novel made me realize that it truly wasn’t the end and dammit, now I need to find the next novel. I wonder if someone can help me with that? I’m still limited in my time with access to the internet and I’m going to have a hard time for the current moment.

But I so can’t wait to read the next one. There is a next one … I hope? Let me put it this way – there’d better be!

Rating: .5

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