All Night Long by Jayne Ann Krentz


All Night Long     All Night Long by Jayne Ann Krentz

Hardcover: 503 pages Publisher: Thorndike Press; Lrg edition (March 2006) Language: English ISBN-10: 078627381X ISBN-13: 978-0786273812 

When Irene Stenson is summoned to her hometown 17 years after the murder-suicide of her parents, her reporter”s instinct, her hunger to know the truth, and a compelling ex-Marine lead her to risk far more than local gossip to sort out what happened to the best friend who summoned her–and what really happened the night her parents died. 

Review: An excellent novel!

A well written plot. I so didn’t see it coming. Action scenes written just right and in all the right places. And you get a great picture of the town of Dunsley and its population. And just the right amount of ‘strategc dots’ (you’ll get the pum when you read it, LOL!), well written and well played out made this an interesting novel and kept me glued. Every time I tried to put the novel down, I would think about the characters and what was happening that I kept picking it back up. Which was a good thing cause I bought it as a hardcover for $8(CDN) and I’m back at work on Monday.

I really liked the main characters, Irene and Luke. Both complex characters that went through so much in their lives and it makes you that much happier that they found each other. Of course, the sizzle between them surely helped. What I liked about these two was that, no matter who they’d been before, who they’d been with before, they were completely honest with each other, even the embarrassing stuff. Even his family. Althoughthey thought he needed the help and went about it the only way they knew how, I laughed right along with Irene. Sure, they didn’t know him like she did, but I was still glad that they loved him that much to think that part needed to be put into the novel just as much as everything else did.

Yep, an excellent novel.



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