Dark-Hunter Companion by Sherrilyn Kenyon with Alethea Kontis

The Dark-Hunter Companion     The Dark-Hunter Companion by Sherrilyn Kenyon with Alethea Kontis
448 Pages of Trade Paperback published November 13th, 2007 by St. Martin’s Press
ISBN: 0312363435
Consider this handbook your education. Hunter 101. And don’t go thinking you got off easy just because there’s not a pop quiz at the end. This is the good stuff. The real deal. In here you’ll find out all there is to know about being a Dark-Hunter. Now for the disclaimer: This book is mutable. It goes with the wind. It changes more often than the mind of a sixteen-year-old Gemini with a closet full of clothes and a date in an hour. Don’t be surprised if you open it up for the thirty-five thousandth time and find something old, something new, something borrowed or . . . well you get the point. Curl up in a comfy chair with some millennium-old scotch and feast upon the informative banquet I have prepared for your enjoyment. Welcome to your new life.

Awesome! Definitely Hunter 101. Everything we’ve learned is in here, plus a little more… just not enough. But that’s okay. I can wait patiently for the next novels to come out… well, sort of patiently.
The book touches base on everything from how DH’s came to be, about Apollites and Daimons, and Gods and Squires, everything! It helps put everything in the right place. Got confused? This book should help you sort it all out. My fave parts: Interviews with Sherri, Ash and Simi, Jones’s Diary made me laugh so hard I had tears, and the deleted scenes. Definitely worth reading!
Rating: StarStarStarStarStar
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